How Numerology Can Help Your Psychic Reading

Address 50 : Presidio HeightsThe entire universe is comprised of mathematical equations, which means that numbers carry an untold power of prediction and predilection. Everything that exists can be defined with the numerical figures ranging from 0 to 9. An astute awareness of how these digits interact can benefit any clairvoyant mind. A lot of psychic phone readings rely solely on numerology. Here is a basic overview to how numbers can be applied in the art of anticipating future occurrences.


The most common implementation of numerology involves adding the individual numbers that make a person’s birthday. Each digit of the date is continuously added together until a single number between 1 and 9 is reached. Within seconds, it is possible to arrive at a meaningful understanding of a person’s disposition. All a practitioner has to do is combine the day, month, and year. The final number is said to rule over an individual’s fate and uncontrollable destiny. While this is a major piece of the picture, it actually only provides half of the equation. The other half is found in a person’s moniker.


Numerologists believe that the name given to an individual upon birth will rule their behavior. They ascribe a numerical equivalent to each alphabetical character, and they add them up as described above. Each name a person possesses will carry its own value, and their separate meaning is inherently valuable; however, the most important number arrives when all names are combined together. This includes first, middle and last names. All three might have their own secrets to tell, but the biggest indicator of a person’s trajectory comes when all are measured as one.  For more information on how numerology can affect your life, check out this article:

Individual Meanings

Each number has its own spiritual significance. Here is a quick guide to their basic meanings:


Independence is embodied by this number. It is all about innovative thinking and new beginnings. Freedom is a common principle and need for this category.


Partnerships are a common theme for people that are influenced by twos. Duality and cooperation must be explored for fulfillment.


This number rules creative inspiration. Unconventional arrangements and multi-tasking are both prevalent characteristics of threes.


Fours signify the home and family. In psychic readings, they represent the need for foundational security. Consistency is a major part of this digit.


Travel and change are dominant themes for fives. People influenced by this number are constantly moving and transforming.


Positive karma is enshrined by sixes. As such, there are many appearances of good fortune. This number showcases rewards for past deeds.


Being ruled by Saturn marks sevens with some difficulty. It is a symbol of spiritual challenges and evolution. The hardships this number represents equal an evolved soul.


Grand accomplishment is revealed by the presence of eights. As a double of four, they showcase a whole community. Organization is central to their prosperity.


True achievement is indicated by nines, but they call upon personal sacrifice. This number is often attributed to Christ.

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