Should You Use A Psychic With Clairvoyance or Intuition?

There is a common question that many people ask about psychics. They wonder if they are actually clairvoyance, or if they are simply highly intuitive. Clairvoyance by definition is the ability to perceive what may happen in the future. Intuition is very similar, but it is usually absent the extreme visuals and feelings that people typically get when they are clairvoyant. If you’re going to use a psychic with clairvoyance or intuition, you may wonder if it is better to use one that has clairvoyant abilities, or if they are innately intuitive. Let’s discuss the differences between these two different gifts, and which one would be better suited for a psychic.

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What Is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the power to see into the future. This is not just about your life, but the lives of others. When you are meeting with the psychic, and they are able to tap into your lifestream, they are using their clairvoyant powers. They will often get visuals, fuel emotions, and these will all be related to your life. Therefore, this is a very impressive gift if they have it, as it will allow them to help you navigate the many choices that you have coming up.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is a little bit different from clairvoyance. For example, when you use your intuition, it is more like a gut feeling. It tends to pertain to things that are in your own life. When a person is said to be intuitive, they are able to make good choices, often without any type of conscious reasoning. They typically don’t see anything in their minds. They simply make decisions on the fly that seem to be the right ones at the moment. Some of them may not even know why they are making these decisions. It is this that is the main difference between someone who is intuitive and a person that is a clairvoyant.

If you have to choose a psychic that has one of these gifts, it is probably better to use someone that is clairvoyant. Intuition is typically about things that are in a person’s personal life, and not so much with the lives of others. When you work with a clairvoyant, they can see into your future. They will have images, and experience feelings about what is about to come up. It is this aspect of seeing visions that is so much different than people that are intuitive. If you want to get the best results when working with a psychic, always choose a clairvoyant.

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Why Get A Psychic Reading?

psychicMysterious and quite interesting, psychic readings continuously gain popularity in today’s modern times. Have you ever wondered what’s the real deal with it, maybe hesitant to try it or you are reluctant to believe? Thousands of people have turned to easily accessible online psychics for answers to their biggest questions in life. Why exactly do they do so and what do they get out of it? In more ways than one, getting an accurate reading can be life-changing!

Why You May Need A Reading

Every day, we are faced with new encounters, circumstances, and entails a new future that’s apparently unknown. Whether you are on a quest to finding true love, unable to understand many things in this sometimes seemingly strange world, curious about what could happen next and what’s in store for you, a psychic reader can give the clarity you need to move forth. It can be the key towards having a fruitful relationship, finally achieving sweet success, or being able to enjoy and live life to the fullest! If you manage to maintain an open mind and heart, this simple yet significant act can produce the most beautiful things you have never imagined in this life.

How Psychic Readings Can Help

Real readings can help you make the right choice, which may be the best one yet and the wisest step you can make in certain situations. A reading does not merely read or predict tomorrow’s probable events, but can serve as your guide and light during the most difficult times. Rather than sulk in misery when faced with a crisis or similar destructive instances, you will get all the help you need towards seeing all your options that will eventually empower you over anything! However, it is essential to find the right advisor for you. Out of the many genuine psychics you can freely choose from, you are bound to find one who exhibits abilities tailored to your needs.

Choosing the Ideal Psychic

Just like the doctors we have today who specialize in various fields of expertise, from basic health care to heart, ear, eye doctor, and so on, psychics also have each their own area. They do not solely rely on intuition and intelligence, but a good psychic is credible with developed, enhanced and nurtured abilities through training and experience ultimately put to good use. A Clairvoyant is able to see signs and symbols with the use of things around you. A Tarot Reader utilizes cards to interpret the past, aid during the present time, and find out what the future holds. Even those who wish to communicate with a loved one who has passed away are given answers through a Channelier. Learning more about them and discovering what you truly need will most likely give you the highest accuracy of professional psychic readings.


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How Numerology Can Help Your Psychic Reading

Address 50 : Presidio HeightsThe entire universe is comprised of mathematical equations, which means that numbers carry an untold power of prediction and predilection. Everything that exists can be defined with the numerical figures ranging from 0 to 9. An astute awareness of how these digits interact can benefit any clairvoyant mind. A lot of psychic phone readings rely solely on numerology. Here is a basic overview to how numbers can be applied in the art of anticipating future occurrences.


The most common implementation of numerology involves adding the individual numbers that make a person’s birthday. Each digit of the date is continuously added together until a single number between 1 and 9 is reached. Within seconds, it is possible to arrive at a meaningful understanding of a person’s disposition. All a practitioner has to do is combine the day, month, and year. The final number is said to rule over an individual’s fate and uncontrollable destiny. While this is a major piece of the picture, it actually only provides half of the equation. The other half is found in a person’s moniker.


Numerologists believe that the name given to an individual upon birth will rule their behavior. They ascribe a numerical equivalent to each alphabetical character, and they add them up as described above. Each name a person possesses will carry its own value, and their separate meaning is inherently valuable; however, the most important number arrives when all names are combined together. This includes first, middle and last names. All three might have their own secrets to tell, but the biggest indicator of a person’s trajectory comes when all are measured as one.  For more information on how numerology can affect your life, check out this article:

Individual Meanings

Each number has its own spiritual significance. Here is a quick guide to their basic meanings:


Independence is embodied by this number. It is all about innovative thinking and new beginnings. Freedom is a common principle and need for this category.


Partnerships are a common theme for people that are influenced by twos. Duality and cooperation must be explored for fulfillment.


This number rules creative inspiration. Unconventional arrangements and multi-tasking are both prevalent characteristics of threes.


Fours signify the home and family. In psychic readings, they represent the need for foundational security. Consistency is a major part of this digit.


Travel and change are dominant themes for fives. People influenced by this number are constantly moving and transforming.


Positive karma is enshrined by sixes. As such, there are many appearances of good fortune. This number showcases rewards for past deeds.


Being ruled by Saturn marks sevens with some difficulty. It is a symbol of spiritual challenges and evolution. The hardships this number represents equal an evolved soul.


Grand accomplishment is revealed by the presence of eights. As a double of four, they showcase a whole community. Organization is central to their prosperity.


True achievement is indicated by nines, but they call upon personal sacrifice. This number is often attributed to Christ.

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Clarifying Life Choices with a Psychic Reading

Psychic readings are a way to take a deep look at the “how and why” of life. Perhaps the most interesting part of receiving a psychic reading is discovering the answers to difficult or stressful situations or unraveling relationships problems. Not only does a psychic reader offer solutions to spiritual dilemmas, they also provide greater insight into issues that require in-depth analysis.

Understanding Life’s Choices

Some doubt the accuracy of psychic readings because they want to know exactly how to avoid problems in the future. While this isn’t possible, the psychic does offer the best ways to navigate through the difficulties, this includes relationship problems due to the interference of a third party. There are some psychics who perform readings based on their clairvoyant abilities alone and others will use tools such as horoscopes and tarot cards.

Gaining the Greatest Benefit from a Psychic Reading

Psychic ReadingThe way to gain the most benefit from a reading is to first understand what it is and how the information from the psychic can be used to better the situation. Keep in mind that no solution is permanent, because most often any information divulge in the reading presents a solution to human behavior. If it involves other parties, they may at anytime choose to use free will. Certainly not all aspects of psychic readings are about problems and dilemmas. A psychic reading may also present life choices for those at a crossroad, based on planetary aspects which favor positive or progressive action.

Life Doesn’t Always Follow a Logical Sequence

Many of the problems that individuals experience in life are planned beforehand and thus are written into their life chart. Action may be needed immediately and other times, it might be best to leave the situation alone and return to it a later time. A psychic reading can illuminate choices and help people who may be unhappy, confused or stuck in situations that aren’t beneficial.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

It is possible to become lost and unsure how to proceed. The answer could be simple; the person might be on the wrong path or simply experiencing a necessary life lessons. Psychic readings can help individuals gain clarity. The Psychic provides information to make life experiences feel less forced.

The Emotional Connection Revealed in Psychic Readings

The human experience is shared by all; a psychic reading can help a person heavily involved in emotions. When a person is overwhelmed emotionally, their subconscious mind becomes suppressed and everything they do is based on an automatic, conscious response. Anything too complex will be ignored; receiving an accurate psychic reading unlocks emotional elements buried in the subconscious.

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The Connection Between Spirituality and Psychics

What is Spirituality?

First one must understand, what is spirituality defined? There is a broad definition of the search for one’s “life path” or what is “sacred,” but spirituality is somewhat of an individual decision for each of us. The term spirituality often refers to our belief in a higher power and our connection to that power. It often colors how we see ourselves, the world around us and how we interact with it. Spirituality was once tied closely with man’s belief in a “God figure” or religious aspect. However, the meaning spirituality has changed over the centuries, and during recent findings around the 11th century showed that spirituality was now tied in one’s mental health, coping skills, ability to function in daily life.

How does Spirituality Affect Us?

WomanTarot copy

Some believe that spirituality is connected with finding one’s purpose in life. By the 13th century, spirituality took on a psychological and social context. In the social context, it was in realm of the clergy against the secular class. In the psychological context it referred to the inner realms of a person. The motives, affections, feelings and the psychology of a spiritual life.

By the 18th century, a distinct separation was made between the lower and higher forms or spirituality. People believed that a spiritual person was more deeply religious than other people. However, it is also true that one can be very spiritual and not be religious in some people’s view.

What is a Psychic?

A psychic is often said to be someone who has the ability to see information that is hidden from the normal person. It is believed that all of us are born with a certain amount of psychic ability, some have it closer to the surface than others. However, if one is willing to explore their psychic abilities and work on developing them further, one can begin to see improved psychic ability. All of us have experienced that feeling of deja vu that someone needs us or needs help, then all of a sudden a friend contacts you for help. Perhaps you were thinking of someone who you have not spoken to for a while, and then they call you on the phone just minutes later. We are often able to connect to each other more than we realize.

How Are Spirituality and Psychics connected?

There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to determining the connection between spirituality and psychics.
The first group believes that when one has been given certain psychic “gifts” that could help or hurt others,(depending on how they are used) one also has a certain responsibility to use these gifts wisely and responsibly. It has been said, that with great power, comes great responsibility. These people make a point of understanding their psychic gifts, and go to considerable length to understand themselves, their beliefs and spiritual connection to the universe. They are very aware of how their actions affect others, and they do their best to try to make others’ lives a little better by their actions. These are people who are very spiritual and have a deep respect for others’ religious and spiritual views.

The next group believes that just because someone has psychic ability does not mean that they are spiritual. They claim that the people who have psychic abilities are often as irresponsible as a rich kid with a car, who doesn’t care who he runs over as long as he is having fun at others expense.


In the end, one needs only look at the self proclaimed psychics out there. If a psychic person is only trying benefit themselves, people around them will see them for what they are, not genuine. We would have to conclude that a true psychic must have a certain spiritual basis they connect with, in order to manifest the psychic gifts they possess.

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